Note: Due to COVID-19 and safety measures to protect our team, some orders are experiencing slight delays, delivery times may take longer than usual. We apologize and do our best to be back to normal ASAP. 

Every single product that you purchase from us, will be handmade and shipped promptly! All products ship from our production facility within 3 – 5 business days of your order.
Once your product is ready, we will send you the tracking number right away and keep you posted on the package shipment progress.

Currently we ship all our products from our facility in China and working on setting up new facility in US region for quicker/expedited shipping process!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We provide free shipping to over 200 countries around the world. However, there are some location we are unable to ship to. If you happen to be located in one of those countries we will contact you.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping time varies by location. These are our estimates:

Product/Shipping method Products Custom Orders
Processing Time 2 – 3 days 3-5 days
Shipping Time Frame 12 – 20 days 12 – 20 days
Total 14 – 23 days 15 – 25 days

Do you provide tracking information?

Yes, you will receive an email once your order ships that contains your tracking information. If you haven’t received tracking info within 5 days, please contact us.

My tracking says “no information available at the moment”.

Sometimes customers get concerned because their tracking status has not been updated for 5 – 10 days since it said it was leaving customs, or processed in a parcel center. 

This is perfectly normal, it means your item is now on board a shipping transport. Our couriers don’t update the tracking status once the package is on board a transport ship (because there is not really much to update). 

The tracking will only be updated when USPS picks up the parcel from the ship to deliver it to you locally in the US. This can take 2 – 5- days.

If it hasn’t updated, it just means it is still on the ship on its way to you. It will get there, our NON-Express delivery service might take a few days, but delivers our parcels with great consistency.

If you are still concerned with your order, send us an email and we will be happy to take a look and give you a detailed status update.

Will my items be sent in one package?

For logistical reasons, items in the same purchase will sometimes be sent in separate packages, even if you’ve specified combined shipping.

What about special holidays such as Christmas?

Due to a high volume of orders placed during the holiday season (especially Christmas), shipping times are usually longer than usual. Orders that are placed on or after December 1st will NOT be delivered by Christmas (December 25th). Please keep this in mind as you order your products from our store. 

NOTE: Shipping times may take slightly longer during peak times (Christmas, End of year). Thank you again for being patient with us!


We are not responsible if a package is undeliverable because of missing, incomplete, or incorrect destination information. Please enter the correct shipping details when checking out. If you realize you have made an error, simply e-mail us at as soon as possible.

Sport Fan Ohio is not responsible for destination country tax and/or any duty charge that may incur. Customers will be held accountable for any restrictions, duties, taxes, and any other fees collected from the destination country. Sport Fan Ohio will not be responsible for any Duties, Taxes, or Customs fees under any circumstances.

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